Social Media Partnership with Breville

Creative Direction, Product Photography

Multi-year Collaboration

Breville is known for its high-quality kitchen appliances, and their expansion into the world of coffee equipment was no exception. Thankfully, this collaboration with Breville offered a unique opportunity to blend my love of coffee and product photography into a powerful partnership.

An espresso is being pulled into a clear cup.

Breville’s challenge was clear: they needed captivating product photography that would not only highlight the functionality and features of their coffee equipment but also evoke a strong desire among coffee enthusiasts to own these products.

Style and Lighting: The stainless steel and glass of these machines worked very well with a dark and moody style. By using dramatic lighting I was able to highlight the edges of the machines and accentuate the key features.

A person pouring milk into a glass of iced coffee.

Creative Concept: I wanted to show a human and lifestyle element to convey how the equipment could seamlessly fit into customers’ daily coffee routine. Close-up shots of the espresso gave an appetizing and tactile feel to the images.

This case study showcases the impact of compelling product photography in the context of a social media partnership. Visually engaging imagery can elevate a brand’s online presence and drive product interest and sales. My collaboration with Breville not only reinforced the importance of aesthetics in marketing, but also proved my ability to deliver outstanding results for clients in the coffee industry.

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