Curth Campaign

Jonathan Curth, City Council Member #5

Logo Design, Signage, Brand Guidelines


This city council campaign presented an opportunity for Jonathan to effect positive change and connect with the local community. As the designer, I recognized the significance of branding and design in capturing attention, establishing credibility, and effectively communicating his message to resonate with voters.

Since this was Jonathan’s first election, we started with a blank slate. The first and most critical item to design was the campaign logo. We agreed on a modern design featuring bold colors with a strong focus on his name to generate recognition among the voters.

Next, I created signage to build awareness. These yard signs featured the campaign’s signature orange and green color combination, ensuring a cohesive brand presence. Careful placement in high-traffic areas and strategic utilization of social media platforms amplified the campaign’s reach and impact.

Jonathan Curth Yard Sign
Jonathan Curth Pen and Button Giveaways
Jonathan Curth Social Media Example

Lastly, I created a Brand Style Guide for the campaign. It provides detailed instructions on how the campaign should present itself, and serves as a reference tool to maintain consistency across all aspects of visual communication.

Curth Campaign Stationery

Results: I believe the branding and design significantly impacted the campaign’s success. The visual identity and messaging resonated with voters and lead to increased recognition and positive sentiment. Ultimately, Jonathan emerged victorious, securing a seat on the city council and paving the way for positive change in the community.

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