Texas Latinx Judges

Logo Design, Visual Branding, Website Development, Email Marketing


Texas Latinx Judges is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting diversity within the judiciary system. Their mission is to advocate for increased representation of Latinx judges, foster inclusivity, and ensure equal access to justice. They approached me to develop a comprehensive design solution including logo design, branding, web development and email marketing.

Phase One: Create a distinct and professional logo alongside a cohesive branding system that embodies the organization’s values and mission.

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Logo Design: The icon for Texas Latinx Judges signifies the columns of the Texas Supreme Court and incorporates the organization’s initials “TLJ”. It features strong typography in a uniform grid, which symbolizes the order and process of our legal system. The color palette of navy and gold suggests sophistication and gravitas. The logo represents the judiciary system while maintaining a professional and authoritative appearance.

Branding: The branding system builds upon the logo and evokes a sense of professionalism. The brand colors and fonts are applied consistently across all branding materials, including stationery, presentation templates, and promotional materials. The use of subtle texture as a background element increases aesthetic appeal while maintaining sophistication and elegance.

Phase Two: Develop a user-friendly website that conveys the organization’s mission, provides information, and facilitates engagement. Prospective members can join the organization, pay dues, and register for upcoming events and mentorship programs.

Phase Three: Design visually appealing email marketing campaigns to effectively engage with members, supporters, law schools, and potential donors.

Results: Through a complete package, including logo design, branding, web development, and email marketing, Texas Latinx Judges successfully established a professional and sophisticated visual identity that reflects their commitment to promoting diversity within the judiciary system. The navy and gold color palette conveys trust and elegance, while the typography and icon emphasize professionalism and authority. The user-friendly website and engaging email campaigns contribute to the organization’s credibility and allows them to connect with supporters and other professionals in the legal field, ultimately advancing their mission of promoting diversity and equal access to justice.

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