Love Cocoa

Concept Project for Love Cocoa

Creative Direction, Product Photography


Love Cocoa is a chocolatier and Certified B Corporation based in London, England. Their mission is to make chocolate consumption more sustainable. They protect nature by avoiding plastic and palm oil, and combat the deforestation and environmental damage caused by unsustainable cocoa farming by planting trees, pledging 1% of annual sales to the planet and by paving the way for change in the chocolate industry.

Recently, I was lucky enough to taste two different flavors… Maldon Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate and Honeycomb 41% Milk Chocolate. They were both delicious, but also visually stunning. The packaging was beautiful and the texture was incredible. I knew I had to have a chocolate photography session to showcase these bars.

Style: When creating these photos, I chose a bright and appetizing background color that closely matched the packaging. Above all, by utilizing a top down or “flat lay” style allowed me to add Maldon sea salt and pure honey to increase the texture and contrast of the scene.

Chocolate Photography Lighting

Directional Light: The key to my lighting strategy was the use of strong, directional light. This technique allowed me to sculpt the chocolate, enhancing its texture and emphasizing its natural curves. The interplay of light and shadow brought out the depth and dimension of the subject, turning a simple chocolate bar into a visual masterpiece.

Shadow Management: While directional light accentuated the chocolate’s form, it also cast shadows that, if left unattended, could obscure essential details. To ensure that detail in the shadow area was not lost, I introduced an additional light source set to 1/2 power. This acted as a fill light, gently filling in the shadow area with a soft, diffused glow.

As we’ve explored in this case study, it’s not just about taking pretty pictures; it’s about creating desire and making viewers crave the chocolate. The attention to detail, balance of light and shadow, and creative composition are critical in showcasing the subject.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed photographing (and eating) this tasty chocolate produced by Love Cocoa! Are you ready to unwrap some creativity, savor the process, and put your brand in the spotlight?

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